Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Word Magic

During my trip, I was reading this book 'The Unmistakable Touch of Grace' where the author talks about word magic. It is a prophetic game whereby the visitor holds a question in mind while several colored spheres circle around the page to the sound of calming music. Then, when ready, the visitor clicks on a sphere to reveal a word that represents the answer. It is all in the name of fun. This is the website: Click on word magic on the navigation bar. For some bizzare reason, I keep on getting the word perseverance. Now, the chances of getting the same word over and over again is pretty slim because there are more than seventy-five words available to be assigned to a sphere at any given moment and the words were assigned at random with each visit. So, isnt it weird that I'm given the same word every time I click on the spheres?And for all you curious souls out there, my question was obviously related to pregnancy.Looks like we have to keep on trying. Lets PERSEVERE!


  1. Perseverance usually leads to success in all areas.

  2. That was so fun!! My word was, "action" I am thinking it may have to do with taking action this week and actually lose some weight on weigh in day! This has motivated me to get in my exercise today!! What a cool website!! =)

  3. I like your word way better than mine!! Mine is Action... perserverance is way better :) LOL!!

  4. I had perseverence twice and heal once.
    very good site.


  5. Beautifull written!Best:)

  6. Hi friend,

    Thanks for sharing that with us! I'll bet it was intended solely for you!! :) Amen & amen!

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  7. I am trying again to lave a comment I hope it works. I have been trying all kinds of things in an attempt to leave comments on your blog and perhaps I have finally figured it out! :)

  8. Yaaayyyyy.Much to ponder, you have made it :):):). Maybe the word 'perseverance' applies to you too ;). Happy Easter!


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