Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Love A Dog For Who He Is!

Recently, a report I read in the paper left me sick in my stomach. A barbaric, ruthless, heartless creature, in the form of a human of course, tied up a beautiful pomeranian (photo above), in a plastic bag and dumped him near a rubbish bin to die. Luckily, this fortunate soul was discovered in time by a smart husky. He was found motionless by the husky's owner, covered in poo and pee. This dog is a true survivor and a fighter cus he is alive and kicking now, waiting to be adopted by numerous kindred souls who were taken in by his plight. Kudos to the husky and its owner. You guys deserve a standing ovation. As for this beautiful, traumatized soul, I wish him a speedy recovery and may he find a home where he is showered with heaps of love, care, bliss and lets not forget respect....respect for all lives....regardless how big or small.

This is for all you heartless morons out there.

Judge not a dog for how he looks, for like humans, they outgrow their cuteness and child like antics.

Judge not his lineage, be it a champion's bloodline, or a mongrel's humble beginnings.

His past doesn't matter, his future does. Love a dog from your heart, not from society's standards.

A dog symbolizes loyalty, love, faithfulness and friendship. He does not represent status, affluence, beauty or your ego.

A dog is happy with himself. He doesn't need anything to improve his standings among his peers. We all can learn a thing or two from them.

Look not with your eyes but feel with your heart, the soul of a dog, his trust, his affection, his loyalty, his total surrender.

Treasure them, for you will find these qualities scarce amongst us.

Love a dog for who he is, because he loves you for who you are, unconditionally and without expectations.

My parting line to you barbarians, what goes around comes around. Thats what we call KARMA.


  1. That is very sad, and very unfortunate. That person needs to be caught. My heart goes out to that poor dog. It's sad, people do that with human babies too. =(

  2. A very good and interesting write.
    I had a dog for 16 years and could never hurt her or any animal, people who abandon animals because they get fed up with them deserve the same treatment.
    My son who lives in Spain found a lovely dog abandoned on the motor way there, Angus is very much part of the family now.


  3. How sad is that. I just do not understand some people - never have, never will. Take care.

  4. Karla- Sad but very true indeed.Even babies arent spared by these monsters.A teenage mum recently slit the throat of her newborn.And no she wasnt suffering from any mental disorders.She was fully in control on her actions.

    Yvonne- Im very happy for Angus.He is truly blessed. My Vicki was also abandonded when he was 2 weeks old. He passed on 13 years ago but his fond memories still live on.I dedicated a post to him last Feb.Feel free to read it to find out more about him.

    Deb- I will never understand them either no matter how hard I try.There are times where I try to rationalise their actions but more often than not, I dont wish to waste my energy pondering over them.

  5. I dont understand how easy can it be for some people to take a life..that too from a creature who cannot express its emotions thru words it can just cry out for help and can only b lucky if the one who listens has a kind heart.Sad but true..if this is what civilisation is all about,v were better off without it. Very well written and thought provoking!

  6. I don't know anyone could hurt anything. I killed a moth accidently the otherday and I still feel guilty!

  7. I could totally relate to that Ellis. I feel the same way even towards ants.

  8. New Beginning,it disturbs me a great deal to see a 'civilised' society acting as such.Even men from the primitive age would have acted with a form of compassion.

  9. You know, despite how awful humans can treat animals, they still rebound back with a heart as big as they little bodies. I adopted my two from the humane society. They were there for an amazing 14 months and, while very timid, shy and scared at first, they are my two lovebugs now. I couldn't imagine my life without them today, even when they drive me nuts sometimes.

  10. You and your two lovebugs are truly blessed to have found one another :).


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