Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Start Romancing Your Soul Today

I was helping mum move recently. She was busy packing all by herself while my dad was busy you know...drinking his and our lives away! As we were packing, we came across a box of beautiful candles I bought her from overseas. Yes I am a candleholic and I thought of rubbing my addiction onto my mum as well. It did seem to work for sometime. I managed to transform her into a candle junkie overnight too. Yay me!!!!!

In midst of our packing, she asked me to take those gorgeous candles back. As much as I was tempted to, I mustered enough willpower to say no. I insisted that she should use them to beautify their new abode.

Mum expressed out of bitterness that she doesnt need this many candles, especially when romance is non-existent in her life. Thats when I came up with this retort, "You need them to romance your soul." We dont need someone else to show us what romance is all about. We can experience it ourselves. We should make a constant, conscientious effort to shower our own souls with heaps of romance and love. Our souls need that desperately. We owe it to them.

To everyone who is reading this... Light up the beautiful candles and start romancing your soul today! Your innerbeing deserves it!


  1. This is a nice idea.
    btw, the new song you have up, I've been thinking about this song for the past two days and now you have it up here!!! They played this song at Tim Russerts memorial service. Then they said there was a double rainbow outside when everyone was leaving. Last night I was playing "what a wonderful world" on guitar.....then I thought about this version. And here you have it playing!! :D

  2. How bizzare ;). This song makes my soul smile. I've always wanted to play the guitar. Lucky You!

  3. I like your way of thinking! I always mean to light candles but 'never get around to it'...

    *goes and gets one now* :)

    Oh the song is just beautiful too. Thanks for sharing. I love Sarah's Angel too!

  4. Thanks for visiting my place. I'll be back here and surf around when I have more time.

    I love your music selections.

    And I think your comment maybe got posted to the wrong place. ;-) Go see.

  5. I know but I got carried away when I saw the beautiful sunset photogprahy. I had to post somewhere to let you know that! :). Thank you for dropping by and yes please do feel free to do so when you have more time :).

  6. Oh, this is very very good advice. What a loving daughter you are.


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