Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Quick Update!

Back in Geneva after a short weekend in Rome. Fell in love with Rome, the Vatican and of course, the Pope. We arrived in Rome on Friday morning. Once we reached our Hotel Artorius, we dropped our luggage and barged right out to check out Rome. The Colosseum was intruiging. Took a few snapshots with the "Gladiator" and then we walked around the ruins. Had a short lunch break. Wanted to rest my tired but restless feet for a few minutes. We had panino (panino is singular; panini is plural). Things we learn in Italy!!! We walked for 6 hours around Rome. When you are in Rome, you should not give this beautiful village, Trastevere a miss. This picturesque medieval area is located on the west bank of the Tiber, south of Vatican city. The area escaped the grand developments, which changed the face of central Rome. It is a charming place to wander, eat or relax. They make mouth-watering fresh home-made gelatos there. You will be simply spoilt for choices. And this is where you could try out typical Roman food for a good price. We regretted visiting one of the popular tourists spots, the Spanish Steps. Since it was winter, it wasn't as lively as we expected. It was an utter disappointment. But the Trevi Fountain made our night. On Saturday afternoon, we went on a tour around the magnificent Vatican City. I'm now an ardent fan of this controversial character, Michelangelo. He is a mindblowing genius. After taking in all the sights and scenes of this holy city, we returned back to our hotel just to head out again to see Rome by night. The city of Rome shines at night when the monuments are illuminated. What a feast to our eyes!!! The morning of our last day in Rome was spent in the Vatican. We were standing in the St. Peter's square (freezing our you know what off), anxiously waiting for the Pope for 2 hours. The crowd slowly started trickling in. Around 11.30am, the entire square was covered by a sea of humans. There was this spanish choir group who started singing their hearts and souls away. Exactly at 12pm, the Pope appeared and showered everyone with his blessings. The long wait in the freezing climate was well worth it. That's the update for now. We are back in Geneva, welcomed by a fleet of snow. Presently, there is a demonstration going on infront of the United Nations. We wana check it out!!!!!


  1. WOW! Sounds like your having a blast! Enjoy it!
    -Karla =)

  2. Sounds like you're having a great time.


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