Saturday, February 14, 2009

Do You Hear Me Now?

You are here there everywhere,
You seem to hear me all the time.

You do not fail to fulfill my innermost desires no matter how minute they are,
Even without me asking.

But why are you playing games with me now,
When I need you the most?

Why is my one and only deepest desire still unfulfilled?

A 16 year old delivers a healthy baby boy,
then throws him in the garbage like some old broken toy.

A drug addict has 3 beautiful little ones,
and beats them black and blue for nothing they have done.

A worn-out woman with already more than she can bear,
sighs dissapointedly when she sees two lines are there.

Already a mother of 6, a single divorced woman has 8 more,
Now thats what I call a BABY GALORE!

Where did I go wrong?
What did I do wrong?

All I want is a bundle of joy to cherish and love,
You alone now can give me the blessing from above.

With all the painful waitings,
My patience is slowly growing into despair!


  1. that was beautiful. I really wish you the best of luck in trying to conceive. Just keep believing and never give up. It will happen when the time is right =)


  2. Please, please don't give up hope! I have known MANY women and couples who have tried to conceive for what seemed like forever...finally get their cherished child.

    Today, I see your baby being blessed to you. It IS happening now. Believe. Believe. Believe. I do for you!

    Happy Valentine's Day...


  3. Thank you so much for the uplifting comments. You have no idea how nourishing both your comments were to my hopeless soul.I am truly blessed to have you beautiful souls around. A big THANK YOU :)


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