Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Power Of Forgiveness

After publishing my last post, I had a heated(one-sided) conversation with mum regarding the dramas. She is the innocent mediator who is caught in between me and my loved ones. Later, when I was much more composed and calm, this is what unraveled.... The Power of Forgiveness. I called up my loved ones, seeking their forgiveness. I apologized for harboring anger against them. I conveyed how much I loved them and how much I cared for them despite all these misunderstandings. As I spoke, I realized I'd forgiven them for misunderstanding me, for hurting me.The effect was potent. My anger and hurt melted away. The tightness in my chest vanished into thin air. I can finally breathe calmly without any heart palpitations. Carrying around a load of bitterness and anger at how unfairly you were treated is very toxic to one's soul, mind and body. Ultimately, this is what I have learnt from the roller coaster rides that I have been on for the past few months.

So mum, if you are reading this, thank you for helping me come to my senses. You have done a remarkable job in raising me I should say. You are and will always be my guiding star, my role model.


  1. Have you read "Radical Forgiveness" by Colin C. Tipping? It might be confontational, but it's also excellent... a recommended read.

  2. Tried to post a comment before... recommending the book "Radical Forgiveness" by Colin C. Tipping...


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