Friday, January 9, 2009

What would be Your 'Miracle' Tool for Weight Loss?

For most of us who are battling with weighty issues, don't we ever wonder how wonderful it would be if we can just discover one tool that would make our journey to transformation much easier and smoother? When I first started Weight Watchers, I was like a kid in a candy store. The whole 'transform yourself' journey was very fascinating. I started counting points diligently and made a conscious effort not to fall off the wagon. However, after sometime, I became kinda bored of counting points for every morsel I put in my mouth. The no count programme was not my cup of tea either. This struggle became a daily ongoing battle for me as I found the process too mechanical (but I still persevered and succeeded). Please dont get me wrong. I wasnt becoming complacent. On the contrary, I was really desperate for a more dynamic approach to keep myself motivated.

Afterall, one's journey doesnt stop when one reaches her goal weight. You have to work even harder to maintain that weight you have worked for diligently. That's when I started to ponder. Why cant we find other creative tools to make the entire process more, say, inspiring? For example, talking your weight away. We need not go to counsellors or pyschiatrists for that. Why cant we form a face-to-face support network where we could unleash all our inner demons without being petrified of being judged. Let me dwell deeper into this. Through this tailored support network, you put yourself out there without any inhibitions. You share your battle with strangers who are travelling in the same boat. By doing that, you help them realise that they are not alone and so are you. You might even be able to find like minded people in your very own community or close proximity (someone who could be there for you even physically). Either way, you could help others along as you rediscover yourself....the self that has been held as a prisoner by your very own weight.

From my own experience, this is the kind of support I would have loved to enjoy. I started battling with my inner demons only after losing weight. It was then that I came to this realisation that both these issues should be handled simultaneously. The moment you share your insecurities, you feel lighter emotionally and physically, because you have stripped yourself down to your innermost being. You are now on the path to healing. Wouldnt that be an adrenaline rush itself? Once you have realised the real cause behind your weight issues,then you are on the right path to resolving them.

This realisation is likely to free yourself from the clutches of your inner demons. The positive energy which you get from your new found freedom can be channelled towards your innermost being. Even exercising becomes much easier as it has become part of your identity rather than a chore. You wanting to take control of your body becomes your second nature. You do not need other incentives to lose weight. The biggest incentive you could get by losing weight is YOU...A NEW YOU, who is no longer stuck in a emotional rut and feels like a million dollars. Wouldnt that be just wonderful! This is my 'miracle' tool. What would yours be?


  1. These are inspiring words! People make exercising into a chore when they have to do it but what could be better than going for a walk. People so often battle against things which just doesn't work. What you resist, persists.

  2. Thanks for the kind comments on my blog. Thanks to them I am now here enjoying your own writing. I look forward to reading more. As a newcomer to weight watchers (been on it almost two months now) your words and warning (about becoming bored with counting points) ring very true to me. You bring up some very good ideas. However I am very new to this thought of actually caring about what I do and do not put into my body. I am not sure what my own solution or answer to your question would be.

  3. What an encouraging blog you have. This post was a tool in itself.

    Also, thanks for stopping by my blog, Slow and Steady Wins the Race

  4. Thank you all for your inspiring comments. I appreciate all your input heaps :)

  5. My tools would be fresh produce and a treadmill. How can you go wrong with those? As a vegetarian, you might agree that there is nothing more inspiring than a farmer's market! I love summer time and fresh berries and veggies.
    PS: Thanks for stopping by my blog, too! I am amazed that anyone would read it!

  6. Loved this entire post! What a huge inspiration! It is nice to get other people's perspectives on topics such as these. As for my tool... I guess I am like the majority of the world who wishes there was some kind of magic button to press to become thinner, healthier, and happier... but.. in the end.. I think it is actually better to do it the hard way...more learning and lifestyle changing in the end!

    Thank you for checking out my own blog, thought I would look at yours and it is truly inspiring =)

  7. It doesn't need to be "hard." I help people to lose weight, and it has absolutely NOTHING to do with counting, weighing, measuring or joining any kind of club. I do help people to uncover the "issues" that keep the weight there. My goal is to have a client who is empowered and never need to come back to me! This absolutely is possible!


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